The state of Idaho has long looked beyond U.S. borders to find markets for our businesses’ goods and services, and our export volumes are growing quickly. Since 2003, Idaho exports have more than doubled from $2 billion to $4.87 billion in 2016. We’ve built strong trade partnerships with Canada and Europe and we operate international trade offices in China, Mexico, and Taiwan. Read more about these popular export destinations below.



Canada is the United States’ largest and most comprehensive trading partner. Canada is also Idaho’s largest trading partner, with exports in 2016 totaling $940 million. Geographical proximity and a long-established relationship make Canada an ideal destination for first-time exporters.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Northern North America, sharing a border of 5,525 miles, including Alaska, which makes it the longest unprotected border in the world
  • Population: 36.5 million
  • Size: Slightly larger than the United States
  • Exports: Goods frequently sold to Canada from Idaho include: precious stones and metals, chemicals, minerals, transportation equipment, wood, and food products.

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Idaho-Alberta Sister State Relationship

Former Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein signed the Idaho-Alberta Sister State Agreement on May 26, 2000. Idaho and Alberta share many traits including pro-business philosophies, rugged individualism and beautiful landscapes. Alberta is just a day away by car or a few hours by plane.


In 2016, Idaho exported $235.8 million in goods and services to Mexico. Mexico is Idaho’s sixth largest trading partner.

Quick Facts

  • Location: The United States and Mexico share a 1,950 mile long border
  • Population: 130.2 million
  • Size: Slightly less than three times the size of Texas
  • Exports: Goods frequently sold to Mexico from Idaho include: food and agriculture products, wood and building materials, paper products, high tech, hides and leather goods.

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Idaho-Jalisco Sister State Relationship

Idaho and Jalisco, Mexico, established a sister-state relationship in 1996. Idaho maintains a trade office in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco. The office is jointly managed by Idaho Commerce and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.


In 2016, more than $620 million worth of Idaho goods were shipped to China making it Idaho’s fourth largest trading partner.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea and South China Sea between North Korea and Vietnam
  • Population: more than 1.39 billion
  • Size: Slightly smaller than the United States
  • Exports: Goods frequently sold to China from Idaho include: high-tech products including semi-conductors and computer parts; agriculture products, namely dairy and seeds; and wood, paper, pulp and printing products.

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Idaho-Shanxi Province Sister Relationship

Idaho and Shanxi Province signed a sister-state agreement in 1985.

Idaho-Shanghai Luwan District Government Cooperation Agreement

In 1999, Idaho Commerce and the Luwan District Government Magistrate signed a cooperative agreement. Since that time, several business, education and governmental delegations have visited Idaho from Luwan.


In 2016, $637.3 million worth of Idaho goods were shipped to Taiwan. Currently, Taiwan is Idaho’s third largest export market.

Quick Facts

  • Location: An island in the Pacific Ocean, separated from the mainland of southern China by the 100-mile-wide Formosa Strait
  • Population: 23.4 million
  • Size: Slightly smaller than Maryland and Delaware combined
  • Exports: Goods frequently sold to Taiwan from Idaho include: high tech products including semi-conductors and computer equipment, photographic products and equipment, and vitamins.

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State of Idaho-Taiwan Province Sister-Relationship

Idaho and Taiwan signed a cooperative agreement in 1984. In the fall of 2004, the two parties signed a reaffirmation agreement to cooperate in exchanges of business, education, tourism and agriculture.

Global Exports

In 2016, export sales by Idaho companies totaled $4.87 billion. Idaho companies are selling goods and services to 166 countries around the world.

Idaho Trade Fun Facts for 2016:

  • • Australia purchased over $1.5 million in melon seed from Idaho.
    • In 2015 $4k of saddlery and harnesses were sold to Germany, in 2016 it rose to $44k.
    • In 2015 Sri Lanka imported $100k of Idaho concentrated milk, and in 2016 it rose to over $2 million.
    • Idaho doubled exports of fishing rods and tackle to the Netherlands.
    • New in 2016 was the exports of swords to Canada.


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