ITC Grant Handbook

The ITC Grant Handbook is a useful reference tool for ITC grant applicants and current grantees. You’ll find grant guidelines, program requirements, and eligible project types.

 Program Memos

ITC Administrative Funds
Application Schedule & Tourism Tours
Narrative Progress Reports
Admin Field Reinstatement
Tear Sheets


Administrative Expenses Presentation

Administrative Expenses Webinar

ITC Grant Forms

Use the forms below to administer your ITC grant. We know the list looks long but, trust us, these documents will make your job a lot easier!

ITC Grant Logos

Please follow these logo guidelines when designing advertising or communication pieces produced wholly or partially with ITC Grant Funds. DO NOT use the logo on projects not funded by your ITC Grant.

Logo Design

Dos and dont’s of using the logo graphic.

Logo Formats

Online/web communications, as well as print (.png)
A white box surrounding the logo should not appear when using this file properly.
Print materials and vector-based artwork (.eps)
The logo will be set against the image behind it. NOTE: Vector-based artwork (line art) is scalable and must be used when producing large-format pieces, e.g., building signs, trade show banners, window displays, vehicle wraps, and billboards. While the size of the logo can be scaled larger, it must retain its original, established proportions. The logo should always be proportionate to the rest of the project.
Videos and other visual media (.png, .eps)
The logo should appear as the last frame of the product in a size large enough to make it and “” easily readable by a viewer. The logo must “hang” on the screen for a minimum of three seconds.

Logo Sizes

The ITC Grant logo is available in three sizes (ITC_Logo_Grant_Layout). Please follow the guidelines below to determine which size to use in your project.

One-quarter of a full-page magazine ad or smaller
Smaller than a full-page magazine ad, but larger than one-quarter of a full-page Medium
Full-page magazine ad or larger

Logo Downloads

Logo Downloads (right-click, save as)
(Black Logo)
(Blue Logo)
(Gold Logo)>

Logos for Facebook

To add the Adventures in Living logo to your Facebook Favorites, please follow these steps:

  • Go your organization’s Facebook business page.
  • Like the Visit Idaho Facebook page (
  • Click “Add to Favorites.” The Visit Idaho logo should now appear under your Favorites.

Note: As Facebook often updates its processes, please search the Facebook Help Center if you need help adding Favorites. Please also add as a link within your page’s About section.

For information about other items relating to the ITC Grant Program, please feel free to contact us.